Fly Fisherman

Jessica Van Ierland

A lover of the natural world. I dream of trout and chase them in my spare time.

Favourite type of fly fishing?

Dry line, dry fly, small pocket white water.

Favourite fishing memory?

I lost my mother suddenly a couple of years ago and it was my first mother’s day without her here. My husband and I went fishing because I wanted to cheer up, he suggested I bring my big rod (just in case I hooked into a steelhead) I thought “ha… not gonna happen”. The run on this particular system is generally late but I didn’t think I would encounter one THIS late… I argued and almost brought a 3wt. Thank goodness I didn’t because… on my second cast… BOOM steelhead on. I landed my first steelhead ever on my first momless mother’s day and it was a beautiful chrome doe. I cried and celebrated with a cider on the river.

Why do you love living where you live?

I have lived on Vancouver Island for 27 years (most of my life) and was raised to play outside. We adventured as a family into the woods and on the beaches. Every weekend in the summer was a different logging road to a different obscure tiny campsite. Anyways, I love living here because even though I spend the majority of my life exploring, I have yet to run out of areas with new streams, new trails, new bridges and new views. I am never bored wandering around here.

Favourite camping food?

Because I maintain clean eating lifestyle at home during the week so I tend to enjoy completely junking out. Different seasons call for different camp foods so… summer: hot dogs with loads of condiments and a can of Lucky Lager. Winter: Mr.Noodles and a can of Lucky Lager.

Principles I live by:

Be friendly, be humble, be forever learning, think ethically, be chill and shine.

Must have accessory when in the wild:

My hunting knife I strap to my wading belt. So many purposes.

Favourite band or music style?

Definitely always been into indie/rock/girly electro. Fave bands: Barns Courtney, Borns, Metric, Dragonette, Cage The Elephant, Lana Del Rey.

Favourite Hook And Vice cap

Traditional Cap – Bear

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