Outdoor Enthusiast

Justine Nichol

With Kitsilano as her childhood home, the Sunshine Coast as her second home and Whistler as her current home, Justine is a BC girl through and through. Between adventures with her dog Cypress, camping her way through the Sea to Sky and snowboarding as much as possible, she finds sanctuary in spending time immersed in the vibrant Arts and Culture scene of the Pacific Northwest.

What’s your favourite type of fly fishing?

River fishing

Favourite holiday destination and why?

Spending time at my childhood cabin on the Sunshine Coast.

Your favourite outdoor adventure story of all time?

Sailing in a storm on the Great Barrier Reef.

Favourite fishing memory?

My first time fly fishing at a practically still spot in a river where a large-horned buck deer wandered out and stopped to take a drink.

Why do you love living where you live?

A love for living in the mountains with the amazing proximity to both the ocean and the city.

Favourite food?


Favourite movie?

Almost Famous

Favourite band or music style?

Old School Hip Hop

Favourite camping food?

Cheese strings

My motto?

It’s All Happening.

Principles I live by?


What’s on your bucket list?

Move to Maui.

Favorite Hook And Vice cap?

Canvas Flat – Bear

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