Fly Fishing Couple

Reza & Karishma

Reza Zahedi and Karishma Pourghassemi are passionate about fishing, supporting local and making the most of life.

What’s your favourite type of fly fishing?

Our favourite type of fly fishing would be doubled handed casting.

Favourite fly fishing memory?

My favourite memory would be my first steelhead I caught in Squamish.

Favourite food?

Ethnic foods.

What’s on your bucket list?

Have a million dollars to travel the world just to fly fish for every species.

Where we call home?

Vancouver is where we call home due to the 4 seasons we have and the amazing rivers and salt life we have around us. Especially being multi species anglers.

Our motto?

Life is too short so enjoy it like it’s your last. Laugh love appreciate and be you!!

Favourite Hook And Vice cap?

Traditional Camo – Bear

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