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Our Mission

To work less and fly fish more. We live the adventure, explore, and respect. If we pack it in we pack it out. We tie our own flies, use barbless hooks and keep secret fishing spots a secret! Our goal is to be a great storyteller and to live the dream. Vice for life.

About Hook And Vice

Hook And Vice make fly fishing hats, apparel, and accessories for the great outdoors. Born in beautiful British Columbia and worn around the world.


Designed in Whistler British Columbia, worn around the world.

Hook And Vice is committed to quality, dedicated to fly fishing and is for those who want to look great both on the street and in the outdoors. Designed for those who demand style, prefer supporting an independent brand and are most at home in the mountains on a stream with a fly rod in hand.

Hook And Vice makes lucky hats perfect for catching bigger fish and hotter dates. When you put on a Hook And Vice cap you instantly get 42% better looking. Wear Hook And Vice at the coffee shop before fishing, a day on the river, and out at the bar when your fly fishing day is done.

You can find Hook And Vice fishing hats for sale at select retailers and online in our store. We also sell men’s clothing, women’s clothing, fishing caps, bucket hats, toques, beanies, t-shirts, hoodies, long sleeve t-shirts, kids clothes, phone cases, iPhone cases, mug, pillows and a whole lot more.

Meet your lucky new hat. Once you put it on, you may never take it off, and you don't have to because it’s perfect for adventures, fly fishing, and good times. It's been known to make men stronger, women sexier, and all who wear it damn lucky. If you don’t believe lucky caps, just ask one of our Hook And Vice Ambassador team how their Hook And Vice hats have changed their luck! You can check out our Ambassadors on our team page and on social media. Use the hashtag #hookandvice when searching for us.