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Experience real life tales of adventure and good times from our passionate team of fly fishing enthusiasts and outdoor adventurers. Everyone loves a good story and our blog is exactly that. The Hook And Vice Ambassador team share everything from fly fishing in the remote Arctic, how to tie our favourite flies, perfecting your casting skills, travel to far off lands, adventure and super number one good times. This fly fishing blog is guaranteed to entertain you for a few hours.

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October 15, 2018Guiding, Jordan Simpson


Guiding -By Jordan Simpson. Guiding, in what it is, is taking people fishing. And I love doing that. That said, being a great angler doesn’t make you a great guide. I know lots of great anglers who shouldn’t be guides. On …

August 31, 2018Environment, Marc Faktor

Stay Cool & Be Fly!

Stay Cool & Be Fly! – By Marc Faktor. As I look out at a smoke-filled city, I am bluntly reminded of the many heat waves that hit the PNW this summer. Things have heated up so much over the …

August 20, 2018Brian Chan, Tying Flies

Solving the Zooplankton Puzzle

Solving the Zooplankton Puzzle – By Brian Chan. The summer to early fall months can be a challenging time for the stillwater fly fisher.  The majority of aquatic insect hatches have occurred and trout become very opportunistic in their feeding …

August 12, 2018Elliot Brass, Tying Flies

Dubbing Brushes

Dubbing Brushes – By Elliot Brass. Dubbing brushes are a great way to tie up strong durable flies.  There are several commercial versions available but I find them a bit pricey and wanted to make mine more sparse then what …

August 12, 2018Dan Tigchelaar, Fishing Stories

Plenty of Fish

P.O.F. – By Dan Tigchelaar. Full confession.  I have played it pretty fast and loose with lakes in the past, from one to the next without any further thought.  Hell, I have even paid a few times to guarantee a …

May 1, 2018Fishing Stories, Katie Down

Fishing Jams

I think for most of us anglers we’re usually driving or traveling to our next fishing adventure and who doesn’t like some tunes to listen to in the midst of travels. A fishing playlist is what powers me through to …

March 11, 2018Elliot Brass, Fishing Stories

The Ritual

The Ritual – By Elliot Brass. People are superstitious. We all hold our own private beliefs. Beliefs that for no logical reason we know will help our sports team win, our lottery ticket to be that lucky winner.  I think …

March 1, 2018Dan Tigchelaar, Fishing Stories

Fish Are Dicks

Fish Are Dicks – By Dan Tigchelaar. It’s summer in Whistler. Lake Season is in full swing. Tourists are everywhere. I am booked for a three-hour mini fly fishing trip with a family of five from the Midwest. Our booking …

February 16, 2018Adventuring, Drew Nylen, Fishing Stories

Little Black Lines

Little Black Lines – By Drew Nylen. With my finger planted firmly on a map, the roundtable discussion is fevered and bright. My colleagues, mentors, and friends snap at one another with quips and luminescent laughter. Our voices start a …

February 2, 2018Dana Harrison, Tying Flies

The Mega Hare’s Ear

The Mega Hare’s Ear – By Dana Harrison. I don’t know about you guys, but I hate winter. All I want to be doing is walking the banks of my favourite rivers looking for places to toss my fly. I …