February 25, 2020Elliot Brass, Fishing Stories, Video

The Legend of Pescatorro

A Fly Fishing Documentary – By Noel Fox & Elliot Brass.

“The worlds greatest fly fishing B-Movie”. An actual quote as told by a couple of guys drinking tequila while on a fly fishing trip in in Northern BC. There were others who also watched it, but they were too sober to appreciate its awesomeness. If you don’t love it the first time around, put back a few more shots of tequila and give it another go. And if you like it, please share.

We made this film in an afternoon with a iPhone and a GoPro. Our star, Elliot Brass, had an idea for a film about a pink super hero fly fishing for pink salmon so I said, sure let’s have a laugh. Most people like it, some hate it, others are too polite to say one way or another. If you are one of the ones who likes it, you rock, and if you don’t like it, you half rock for giving it a watch. Our other Hook And Vice films are more serious, but sometimes you gotta get a little weird.

Hook And Vice Mission: Work less, fly fish more, live the adventure, explore, respect, pack it in pack it out, tie your own flies, barbless hooks, keep secret fishing spots a secret, be a great story teller, live the dream, vice for life.

A Hook And Vice Production. Starring Elliot Brass. Story by Elliot Brass. Cameo by Noel Fox. Produced & Directed by Noel Fox.

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