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Hook and Vice is for the few. It’s for those who love adventure, exploring the great outdoors and fly fishing & tying flies. We are a small grass roots and independent brand that is proud to be from the wilds of beautiful British Columbia. We hope that your Hook and Vice products take you on amazing adventures full of good friends and great times.

Great outdoors and fly fishing store.

Proud to provide designs and styles that other more traditional brands don’t. Injected with an edge that enables you can express your non conformist outdoorsy side while still looking good when you are out on the town. Equally at home deep in the wild without cellular as we are in a Soho coffee shop, or airport lounge, or eating beans from the can heated over an open fire. We draw our creative influences from our youth growing up off the grid in the Canadian wilderness. Inspired by skate boarding, camping, punk rock music, fly fishing, hitting the bars at the end of a long day and always having a good time. We hope you love rocking your Hook And Vice products as much as we love making them.

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Fishing Bear

Tie your own flies and wear a bear on your t-shirt.

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Happy Camper Pillow

Fly fishing and camping as good as it gets. When the van’s a rocking, don’t come knocking.

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Work Less Pillow

Work Less, Fly Fish More. When you have this pillow on your sofa, it’s a great reminder to get your butt off your dam sofa and go fly fishing!

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