The Hook And Vice Crew

Meet our team of avid fly fishermen, adventurers, and explorers of the great outdoors. They all have one thing in common: a passion for nature.

Hook And Vice Mission: Work less, fly fish more, live the adventure, explore, respect, pack it in-pack it out, tie your own flies, use barbless hooks, keep secret fishing spots a secret, be a great story teller, live the dream, stay Vice for life.

One of the Crew

Most of our team start off by being stoked Hook And Vice customers first. It’s important to us that they really love the brand so when they represent us it’s 100% authentic. Our Crew is passionate about fly fishing, adventure and exploring the great outdoors.  They are you are stoked about most everything in life and are always up for a good time. They are usually fly fishing guides, or people who spend most of your time fly fishing and tying flies.  They love taking photos, shooting videos, writing and documenting/sharing their adventures on social media and blogs. If this sounds like you, email us and when we grow our team next we will consider you.