Fly Fisherman

Elliot Brass

If im not fishing then I am probably on the bench tying up a few bugs for my next day on the river. Tying flies is as rewarding to me as is hooking into a chrome fish!

How Long Have You Been Fly Fishing?

I started fly fishing when I was 8 years old. Luckily, I was gifted a fly rod and fly setup from an old Norwegian who was my adopted grand pa! I grew up on the mighty bow river. Another nice old fella named Gerry Stevenson (still alive and fishing well into his nineties) took me and my brother out and taught us a thing or 2 about fly fishing. I got my first bow river rainbow with him and have never looked back.

Favourite Fishing Memory?

First steelhead (obviously)

Why Do You Love Living Where You Live?

I love where I live because I am so close to the things that make me happy. There are bears in my yard almost everyday. I am woken up by eagles every morning in the fall and I can walk from my front door to the river and catch a fish almost all year long. We have a great bunch of local fisherman who are great to fish with or just swap fishing stories with when the river is blown.

Favourite Movie?

Star Wars (yup I am a nerd)

Favourite Camping Food?


What’s On Your Bucket List?

To catch a wild salmon in Scotland would be one of the best things I could think of?

Principles to Live By?

Never be cheap with food or drink. Keep secret spots secret. Always start a fishing story with “this is no bullshit”

Favourite Hook And Vice cap?

Traditional Camo Trucker – Hook


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