Fly Fisherman

Derek Shoun

You will find Derek fly fishing, fighting forest fires, and representing the great State of Oregon.

I was born and raised in Oregon’s wild and scenic outback, learning to fly fish as a young teenager. I spent much of my free time fishing the many trout streams and lakes around my hometown. After serving in the military for 11 years, I returned home to Oregon to help protect its beautiful lands as a wildland firefighter. I spend much of my free time fishing or tying flies; I also enjoy sharing my love of the sport with others.

How long have you been fly fishing?

I have been fly fishing since I was a young teenager.

What is your favourite type of fly fishing?

My favorite type of fishing is Spey fishing for wild Steelhead.

Why do you love living where you live?

I love living in Oregon and the PNW because of the unchanged wilderness and the epic waters that are full of native Trout species. My current home is Klamath Falls, Oregon, which is just east of the Cascade Mountain Range where the Williamson, Wood, and Klamath rivers all flow.

Whats on your bucket list?

I would like to fish for Salmon and Steelhead in the majestic wilds of British Columbia.

Principles I live by?

Enjoy, cherish, and protect the wild things and places that we still have. Learn to appreciate their importance to all of us and to our planet.

What’s your favourite Hook And Vice cap?

My favorite Hook and Vice hat is all of them, haha! Just can’t get enough of the designs.

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