Fly Fisherman


Josi is a Hook and Vice co-founder, lady angler, entrepreneur, surfer, and life-lover. She is always looking for adventure.

How long have you been fly fishing?

I have been fly fishing since 2010. I caught my first fish on the fly in Southern California. It was a brown trout in a beautiful secret river. The river is so secret I couldn’t even find it when I went back this summer.

What’s your favourite type of fly fishing?

I love any fly fishing trips that involve hiking.

Favourite holiday destination and why?

I enjoy hiking to Alpine lakes and camping. These excursions require effort but reward you with magnificent views.

Your favourite outdoor adventure story of all time?

One time, my friend Rose and I wanted to hike to an Alpine lake. However, we couldn’t find the trail; so, we bushwhacked along a steep cliff, using my mountain biking GPS app whenever we could find signal. We made it to the lake, ate lunch, and bushwhacked back. We thought that only real adventurers could discover the lake, but we later found out that we missed the trailhead. The hike was actually super accessible!

Favourite fishing memory?

I loved sight fishing in an Alpine lake. It was amazing to watch the fish swim and bite my fly!

Why do you love living where you live?

Whistler is only two minutes away from any outdoor activity you can imagine.

Favourite food?

Organic veggies make me happy!

Favourite movie?

Love Actually.

Favourite band or music style?

Emo-Punk Rock from the 90’s.

Must have accessory when in the wild?

The pocket knife that my husband gave me as an anniversary present. Someone please tell him that I also like diamonds!

Favourite camping food?

When packing light, I’ll bring anything I can dehydrate. A good example is my tasty veggie risotto.

My motto?

Adventure, eat, sleep, wake up, and do it again.

Principles I live by?

Be kind, listen, and make a difference.

What’s on your bucket list?

I want to take another fly fishing trip to Southern Argentina, including a quick stop in Buenos Aires.

Favorite Hook And Vice cap?

Small Old School Trucker – Bear

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