Fly Fisherman

Duncan Stewart

Tier of the most awesome stillwater flies, and a serious stillwater fly fisherman.

When did you start fly fishing?

I started fly fishing in Great Britian at about aged 10 with a fly rod my father made me from an old fiberglass spinning rod. I still have some flies I tied when I was 10 years old.

Favourite fishing memory?

Some of my favourite fly fishing memories are camping and catching big trout on remote lakes with the Hook and Vice crew.  Another great trip was fly fishing holiday destination was in Estancia Laguna Verde in Argentina. Big, big trout!

Why do you love living where you live?

I love living in Kamloops with my wife Delores and dog Riley. My love for fishing flourished in BC over the decades and my passion for stillwater flyfishing has been my main focus. I enjoy getting out regularly with friends and heading out to test new waters, thanks to the Freshwaters Fisheries Society for the great resources. Moving from Squamish to Kamloops has me on the water from April to November and I can be found travelling to remote lakes from the Thompson to the Cariboo and Chilcotin.

Favourite camping food?

My favorite camping food is anything my wife prepares us.

Principles I live by:

Principle I live by is be kind to others and to conserve the environment we all share.

Must have accessory when in the wild:

My advice on must have outdoor equipment is setting up shelter.

Favourite fly?

My favorite fly might be my version of Brian Chans sedge pupae. Its a great pattern, quite time consuming to tie and not very durable but the takes are vicious and so exciting to fish for cruisers in the shallows.

Favourite Hook And Vice cap

Camo Camper

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