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Jordan Simpson

From the first time that Jordan wet a line, he knew that fishing would become an obsession. Fishing shows replaced the usual weekend cartoons, and outdoor magazines out-numbered any comic books. 

Jordan pursued this obsession, turning his passion into a full-time gig. Jordan has pushed skiffs in Hawaii for big bonefish, guided guests from Langara Fishing Lodge in British Columbia’s famed Haida Gwaii, and recently decided to keep his talents local while guiding the waters surrounding Vancouver. Currently, he works at Vancouver's premiere fishing store, Pacific Angler. On days off, Jordan explores local lakes, mountains, and rivers, frequently heading out on the salt to chase salmon. From grey mullet in Spain to snook and tarpon in Florida, Jordan's passion for all things fishing shows no sign of slowing down. 

How long have you been fly fishing?

18 years.

What’s your favorite type of fly fishing?

Sight-fishing! Actually hunting and stalking fish while watching them track your fly is incredibly obsessing. Also, watching fish refuse your fly is both frustrating and humbling.

Favorite holiday destination and why?

In regards to culture and hanging out, I’ll say Barcelona, Spain. For fishing, I like either Hawaii or Florida. These are very different holiday destinations, but are both warmer than Vancouver!

Your favorite outdoor adventure story of all time?

There are too many stories, but here are a couple that stick out:

One of my favorite memories is fishing all over Oahu with my buddy Domi. From sight-fishing Peacock Bass and Red Devils to hiking down rainforest trails along the old Pali highway, we did it all. We would fish waterfall pools for Smallmouth and surf at Barbers, finishing the day at an all-you-can-eat sushi bar. Some evenings we went into a town full of cats and crushed Thai food, an occasion that was followed by failed attempts to purposely get stung by fire ants. That adventure definitely sticks out in my mind!

Another great memory is catching my first steelhead on a fly, an experience I shared with my fellow ambassador, Zach Copland. After fluking out at Langara Island, where I landed two Steelheads while mooching, I caught one with a swung fly, throwing the huge monkey off my back. This memory is sweetened by the amazing backdrop in which it happened.

Okay, one more. Every morning, I wake up in the Haida Gwaii and get ready for a day of guiding. Honestly, the place is magic, and I owe a lot of gratitude to Bill Gibson who, years ago, took a chance on me and gave me the opportunity to clean boats and gut fish. In turn, I was awarded the opportunity to learn the fishery, eventually climbing the ranks and becoming a guide. From 40lbs Chinooks to Halibut that won’t fit in the boat, Langara Island is one big adventure, shared with life-long friends!

Favorite fishing memory?

Probably some of my first fish. A couple notable “firsts” are my Steelhead on the fly with Zach, my first Bonefish with Deano in Hawaii, and my first Peacock Bass with Stan. I also remember catching dock-lighting Snook in Jupiter with Martin and Bobby. Bobby and I also discovered an amazing Tarpon spot, which was 5 mins from the house in Sugar Loaf Key. Another great memory is the boys trip with fellow lodge guides to Mexico; we hooked over 23 sailfish and landed 17!

Why do you love living where you live?

An hour and a half drive from our doorstep will put you on one of the best Steelhead rivers in British Columbia or in mountains that feature breath-taking views, insane wildlife, and opportunities to fish for Salmon, Trout, and Char. You can launch a boat and drop lines within 20 mins. Or, you can grab some beers and fish for Sturgeon from the shore. Or, or, or…

Favorite food?

Prawns, crab, and Salmon.

Favorite movie?

The Adjustment Bureau (always make you wonder) and Dances with Wolves.

Favorite band or music style?

There are just too many, and my taste is skewed! First, I love old country, including old-style country. With so much ‘Bro’ country out there these days, it’s frustrating when people have no idea who inspired these new artists.

Sam Outlaw and Whitney Rose are good examples of new, old country.

Outside of that, my interests stretch from Steel Panther to Jewel. Also, Sahara Hotnights needs to make a comeback!

Must-have accessory when in the wild?

SPOT Gen-3 tracker (or something similar). Honestly, I think people need to be safer out there. Even though we all dream of having the water to ourselves, it can turn bad quickly.

Favorite camping food?

Canned beans (Bush’s are the best).

Where I call home?

Wherever the heart is.

My motto?

A dream is a wish that the heart makes.

Principles I live by?

If you have the ability to make a difference, you have the responsibility to make a difference.

What’s on your bucket list?

I would love to catch Permit on the fly. I also want to travel to Chile and catch Chinooks on the fly.

Favorite Hook And Vice cap?

Camo Trucker – Bear

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