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Experience real life tales of adventure and good times from our passionate team of fly fishing enthusiasts and outdoor adventurers. Everyone loves a good story and our blog is exactly that. The Hook And Vice Ambassador team share everything from fly fishing in the remote Arctic, how to tie our favourite flies, perfecting your casting skills, travel to far off lands, adventure and super number one good times. This fly fishing blog is guaranteed to entertain you for a few hours.

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August 20, 2018Brian Chan, Tying Flies

Solving the Zooplankton Puzzle

Solving the Zooplankton Puzzle – By Brian Chan. The summer to early fall months can be a challenging time for the stillwater fly fisher.  The majority of aquatic insect hatches have occurred and trout become very opportunistic in their feeding …

August 12, 2018Elliot Brass, Tying Flies

Dubbing Brushes

Dubbing Brushes – By Elliot Brass. Dubbing brushes are a great way to tie up strong durable flies.  There are several commercial versions available but I find them a bit pricey and wanted to make mine more sparse then what …

February 2, 2018Dana Harrison, Tying Flies

The Mega Hare’s Ear

The Mega Hare’s Ear – By Dana Harrison. I don’t know about you guys, but I hate winter. All I want to be doing is walking the banks of my favourite rivers looking for places to toss my fly. I …

January 10, 2018Elliot Brass, Tying Flies

General Practitioner – Tube Fly

General Practitioner – Tube Fly – By Elliot Brass. This is a tube fly version of the classic salmon fly the General Practitioner. Although, it is a great pattern for salmon, it’s also great for trout and steelhead. Tying this fly …

December 4, 2017Legend, Reza & Karishma, Tying Flies

“A Legend”

“A Legend” – By Reza Zahedi & Karishma Pourghassemi. Let me start my blog by asking what do you consider a Legend in your books? For us a Legend is Mr.Art Limber, a man with many words, with many life long …

October 22, 2017Tying Flies

Columbia Noel

Columbia Noel – By Elliot Brass. This great pattern is tied specifically for chum salmon. The up side is that it also catches chinooks, coho and rainbow trout. It is very similar to the classic coho fly the California Neil. …

September 14, 2017Hook And Vice Legends, Tying Flies

Hook And Vice Legends

Featuring Art Limber Hook And Vice Legends is a documentary short film series featuring the legends of fly fishing in British Columbia and beyond. Our premier doc features Vancouver Island based professional fly tier and long time fly fisherman Art …

August 12, 2017Tying Flies

Sparkle Pony

Sparkle Pony – Fly tying – By Elliot Brass. his is a very sparse fly that works great for Coho and trout. These hooks tend to bend out a bit when you get caught up on a rock or stick …

August 9, 2017Tying Flies

Muppet Warrior

Muppet Warrior – By Elliot Brass. This fly was invented by Noel Fox, Hook And Vice founder. The Muppet Warrior was designed specifically to catch pink salmon in rivers in British Columbia. Many years ago Noel and his brother Jason …