August 12, 2017Tying Flies

Sparkle Pony

Sparkle Pony – Fly tying – By Elliot Brass.

his is a very sparse fly that works great for Coho and trout. These hooks tend to bend out a bit when you get caught up on a rock or stick fish. However they do bend back to shape very easily.

I tied them up based on flies I have seen tied that are almost entirely copper chenille. Adding the tail and wing seems to make a big difference. A small amount of the sparkle dub behind the cone help keep everything in place.

The first time I showed this pattern to my fishing buddy Dan he said that fly looks killer what’s it called? I said I have no idea? He grabbed it out of my hand and said well that’s a sparkle pony if I have ever seen one! And a legend was born!

This is what you will need:

Hook Gamagatsu stinger B10S size 6

Bead Copper Cone

Tread Danville utc 140 Black

Tail Olive Marabou

body Medium U.V. polar copper chenille

wing olive saddle hackle

Collar Stillwater solutions sparkle dub olive


Elliot Brass

Elliot Brass is one of our first Hook and Vice Pro Team members and his favourite lucky Hook And Vice cap (this week) is the Traditional Hook

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