October 22, 2017Tying Flies

Columbia Noel

Columbia Noel – By Elliot Brass.

This great pattern is tied specifically for chum salmon. The up side is that it also catches chinooks, coho and rainbow trout. It is very similar to the classic coho fly the California Neil. Named after Elliot’s fishing buddy and Hook And Vice founder Noel Fox, who is weirdly possessed with this fly in a selection of different colours. This one is tied in red and on a heavy hook as chum can bend out lighter hooks.

This is what you will need:
Hook tmc 800s size 6
Thread utc 140 red
bead 5/32 orange bead
tail red crystal flash
body red dubbing (seal fur is best)
rib red grizzle hackle
wire small red wire

Elliot Brass

Elliot Brass is one of our first Hook and Vice Pro Team members and his favourite lucky Hook And Vice cap (this week) is the Traditional Hook

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