November 3, 2019Noel Fox, Tying Flies, Video

How to tie a California Neil

Tying a California Neil Variation – By Noel Fox.

This video features Noel Fox tying a slight variation to the California Neil that was taught to him by his Uncle Bruce Fyfe. This colour combination is super effective for catching coho salmon in the rivers, in red for chum salmon in the rivers, and the same fly in blue is excellent for catching coho and pink salmon when beach fishing in the ocean.

Noel Fox

Noel grew up on Vancouver Island and has been an avid fisherman his whole life. Noel always travels with his tying kit and when he’s not fishing he and his wife Josi are working on creating new cap designs for their fly fishing lifestyle brand Hook And Vice. Noel’s Hook And Vice Cap in this video is the Big Country (Pro Model).