Brian Chan & Phil Rowley’s app that you need to download!

Stilwater Fly Fishing, the app you want to download! – By Noel Fox

Have you heard about Brian Chan & Phil Rowley’s new app called Stillwater Fly Fishing? Some days it’s easy to be a hero when it comes to catching fish. You put on your favorite lucky fly and you are the only guy on the lake catching fish after fish. You go home feeling like a legend. Then the next day, and the day after that, and the day after that you can’t catch a fish if your life depended on it. For whatever reason, your lucky fly isn’t working and neither is anything in your box.

How awesome would it be if regardless of the situation you had all of the knowledge to catch fish even when the fish weren’t biting? Even better, how awesome would it be if your fishing buddies were fly fishing legends, Hook And Vice Ambassador Brian Chan and his good buddy Phil Rowley?

Well, look no further, just download Brian Chan and Phil Rowley’s new app called Stillwater Fly Fishing. Thanks to these two legends, you now have access to the biggest collection of still water lake fishing knowledge ever assembled and you can carry it on your phone where ever you go. Best of all, they make it super easy. High-quality videos that show you exactly what you need to do. A lifetime of fly fishing knowledge from two of the greatest fly fishermen now available to you at all times.

Download the Stillwater Fly Fishing Here:


If you don’t know who Brian Chan and Phil Rowley are,

you have likely been living way out in the wilderness, a thousand miles away from television or internet because these guys are actual living legends. We are fortunate enough to have Brian Chan on the Hook And Vice team ( and spending a day on the water with Brian is a real eye-opener for even the most hardcore fly fishermen.


Here is what Brian Chan told me about his new Stillwater Fly Fishing App.

“It’s been a bit of a roller coaster ride for Phil (Rowley) and I, the learning curve has been interesting and we are not sure what we have got ourselves into!  So far, the app has been downloaded in 14 different countries which is interesting.
Our app went live a couple weeks ago and is now available through both Google Play ( and iTunes ( 
Our app is full of video tips and is free to download.  There are a number of free tips in each chapter, over 30 in total, while other tips are subscription based. At a monthly subscription fee that is less than the cost of a fancy coffee, you are provided with access to over 75 video tips.  

Quarterly and annual subscriptions are also available.  Our commitment is to provide ongoing additional tips through monthly uploads. Currently, we have close to 200 tips that we will be adding to the app.
What makes this app unique is that once the tips have been downloaded to your smartphone they are always accessible, regardless if you have a wi-fi connection or not.  As a result, they can use the app when they are on the water to help, as though Phil and I were sitting beside them.”

The image above and the main banner image is me using the Stillwater Fly Fishing App, watching one a step by step video on how to tie Brian Chan’s super productive Ruby Eyed Leach that he invented.

Still not convinced that this is a must-have app for your smartphone? Below their press release, that tells you everything you need to know.

Stillwater Fly Fishing App

Have you ever wanted to spend a day on the water with Phil Rowley and Brian Chan? Here’s your chance to have them join you!

Phil Rowley and Brian Chan are two of North America’s most respected Stillwater fly fishers. They are excited to announce the release of their long-awaited Stillwater Fly Fishing App. Phil and Brian have combined their 75 years of experience fly fishing for trout and char in lakes to develop this valuable educational tool. This App will become an essential tool in the toolbox for anglers of all skill levels.

The app is broken down into six chapters covering such topics as the freshwater fishing regulations for all states and provinces, entomology, leaders and knots, techniques and tactics, equipment and favorite stillwater flies. Each topic is presented in video format that can be easily downloaded and saved to your mobile device.

Once downloaded, the video tips can be watched anywhere. No Wi-Fi connection is required to view the tips once they have been downloaded.

Topics include:
• How to fish a drop-off
• To use a throat pump
• How to fish the hang
• Choosing chironomid pupa patterns
• Plus on camera tying of 23 proven stillwater patterns

These are just a small sample of the over 75 tips provided in the initial launch of this App.

New tips will be added monthly, so you can continue to increase your knowledge base and most importantly put them into use when you are on the water.

Please visit iTunes (Apple devices)  or Google Play (Android devices) to download this wealth of stillwater fly-fishing knowledge and improve the quality of your time on the water.

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Brian Chan’s favourite Hook And Vice Cap is the Traditional Cap – Hook.