September 14, 2017Hook And Vice Legends, Tying Flies

Hook And Vice Legends

Featuring Art Limber

Hook And Vice Legends is a documentary short film series featuring the legends of fly fishing in British Columbia and beyond. Our premier doc features Vancouver Island based professional fly tier and long time fly fisherman Art Limber. Art is as Canadian as it gets! His humour, grit and dedication to craftsmanship above all else is what make this a great watch for all audiences.

In this documentary we feature fly tying legend Art Limber from Nile Creek on Vancouver Island. Art is a real character and a heck of a guy. He’s been tying flies for longer than most fly fisherman have been alive and therefore his knowledge of the sport is unparalleled. If you get a chance stop by his shop in Nile Creek and pick up some of his beautifully tied home made flies. We hope that you enjoy watching this video as much as we enjoyed spending time with Art.

Lucky Cap

If you like Art’s lucky Hook And Vice cap, you can click here to find out more.