New Year, New Adventures

New Year, New Adventures – By Naomi Pitt.

Once a year we see these words like resolutions, goals, intentions, new habits, you notice the gym is busier and the McDonald’s drive thru slows down. Everyone has their own options on new years resolutions, as seen on 95% of Instagram and other social media outlets. Questions like why does everyone make such a big deal at the beginning of the year? Why this date? The calendar just rolls from one month to the other like always, yet for one reason or another in many minds, January 1st gets us a redo.

I for one, I LOVE lists and setting goals, so I am on this bandwagon. Although I don’t always complete or follow my resolutions, getting them down on paper helps me.

So I’m taking the plunge and I’m going to try and cast the line out to sea for one more year.

New Adventure #1 – Learn to fly fish

As a Pisces, (yes, I am one of those girls), I’ve always been drawn to water. From swimming to boats, being in the water makes me feel at home. Growing up on the Pacific Ocean, I learned to drop crab traps and buy salmon from the boats that fished the shores off Pender Island.  Traveling in Asia, I watched the fisherman cast big nets from the shore or wade out in the shallow waters with their spears. Despite these experiences, I am still a very unqualified fisherman, so this year’s first adventure is to start learning! Being invited to join the Hook & Vice Ambassador has really inspired me to pick up a fly rod and get out on the river!

New Adventure #2 – Beat my 30 km time in the Whistler Marathon

I ran my longest distance last June, which turned out to be me running (and walking) circles around Whistler wondering what I was doing to myself. Although I trained, I could of put more time into running longer distances, drinking less and eating more nutritious food. I thought if I “accidentally” slipped in the woods, would I have to finish the race? After, I argued with myself multiple times about being not being a quitter vs being a quitter but eventually, I finished. This year I’m paying yet again for the pain and I am more determined then ever to beat my time! I’ll be sure to wear one of my #luckycaps.

New Adventure #3 – Get outside more

This is a pretty simple one, but sometimes I struggle with this especially in the winter. I LOVE the outdoors and like to think of myself as an outdoorsy person, but this 9 – 5 life does make it a little difficult at times. Almost 2 years in and I’m realizing “winter me”, needs to make some changes in daylight to office light ratio.

New Adventure #4 – Use my devices less

This could be hard as my Apple Watch just arrived yesterday and has now lead me to procrastinate this blog post. I’m hoping that it will help me with New Adventure #2 & #3 and will therefore be worth it. But in all honesty, I need to check myself with the phone/ipad usage before bed and at meal times.

New Adventure #5 – Plan a big trip for 2019

The Mediterranean, Peru, and Hawaii…I just can’t decide! I’m feeling that travel itch, the good kind. Not the bed bug kind which I have had the unfortunate pleasure of enduring a certain times in my life. Living in Whistler, I find myself often craving sunshine adventures. I think it’s time to start researching (without spending too much time online) my next adventure!

So hopefully this will be the year I get my picture with a big Rainbow in the river. Where I battle the hills of the Whistler Marathon a little better. Most of all, the year I become my version of outdoorsy. Stay tuned for how my New Adventures play out in 2018 and if I don’t fully succeed I’m promising myself I won’t feel too gill-ty!

Naomi Pitt

From Pender Island to Vancouver Island to Whistler, Naomi is a truly devoted West Coast girl! When she is not in the mountains or on the ocean, she can be found traveling, trying to run long distances or dancing on a speaker! Naomi’s favourite Hook And Vice cap is the Canvas Flat – Hook.

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