August 9, 2017Tying Flies

Muppet Warrior

Muppet Warrior – By Elliot Brass.

This fly was invented by Noel Fox, Hook And Vice founder. The Muppet Warrior was designed specifically to catch pink salmon in rivers in British Columbia.

Many years ago Noel and his brother Jason were fly fishing on Northern Vancouver Island and met a old timer who was out fishing them both by a huge margin. Noel struck up a friendly conversation to ask about his ability to catch so many fish. On top of teaching Noel how to roll the line with the current so that it stays straight, he was also kind enough to give Noel one of his unique flies that were working so well. Noel borrowed ideas from this new fly and combined it with a fly he had been working on called the Muppet Warrior. This updated and improved Muppet Warrior has been out fishing most since it came to be. We hope that it fishes as well for you as it has for us.

Elliot Brass has tied this version of the fly on a unique hook that is less likely to snag fish. This is great when there are large numbers of older pinks in the river and you don’t want to spend your day foul hooking.

This is what you will need:

Hook: Mustad C71SNP-SS size 6

Bead: Chartreuse 3/32

Thread: danvil pink utc 140

Body: pink edge brite (use silver Mylar tinsel underneath and super glue for strength

Wing: chartreuse buck tail, blue buck tail

Follow the simple steps below and you will be on your way.

Elliot Brass

Elliot Brass is one of our first Hook and Vice Pro Team members and his favourite lucky Hook And Vice cap (this week) is the Traditional Camo Trucker Hook

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